TURN & RETURN:  Conquering Fear Again
Luke 13: 31-35
The season of Lent can be a time of either intentional or unexpected wilderness, where we confront that which robs us of our deepest sense of peace, blessing, and assurance.  Many of us have been afraid to go deeper, to do some real soul searching about who we are and what we desire.  It can be scary to let go or take on or find out what we need to do to become the people God has called us to be.
While the wilderness is often a place of isolation, separation, and loneliness, it gives us an opportunity to face all of the stuff and baggage that separate us from the love of God.  We need not fear that our wildernesses will get the better of us because we have a God who desires to embrace and protect us in the midst of trial and tribulation.  With willing hearts turned to a loving and gracious God, we have an opportunity to move through this season in a way that leads to renewal, revival, and resurrection.
This Sunday, we confront honestly who we are, what we desire, and the orientation of our hearts, conquering our fears of change, newness, and possibilities by trusting that God will protect us on our journey.  Join us for uplifting music, dynamic praise, and powerful prayers.  See you on Sunday.