Written by admin on Mar 25, 2014

Worship Celebration!

Join us in-person every Sunday morning at 10 am.

The Sunday Morning Worship Experience (10 am) is dynamic, energetic, and kinetic. Because our diverse congregation comes from a wide range of backgrounds and religious traditions, our Sunday worship service reflects this diversity in style, music, and liturgy. The worship service is full of life, meaning, spirit, and community. Talented music ministry is as diverse as our congregation. We have a full band/orchestra, energetic Praise Team, and chancel choir creating a beautiful music ministry both contemporary and traditional. We believe our music ministry is a spiritual experience, encouraging everyone to participate.

At every worship service, we offer Holy Communion. All are welcome to receive at our table, regardless of what you believe, or if you believe anything at all. A true OPEN communion table. We integrate technology into all aspects of worship, including use of video and a state-of-the-art sound system. AGC has a historical sanctuary with contemporary infrastructure. The best of all possible worlds.

Join us online every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Join us for the livestream of our Worship Celebration on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday at 10am central!

How to Prepare for Online Worship

Prepare your Bread and Juice

We will break the bread and drink the cup together to participate in communion (If you feel moved to substitute other items that can symbolize the bread and the cup for you, this is the time to make yourself feel comfortable).

Navigate to Facebook or YouTube

Find the All God’s Children Facebook or YouTube page and tune into the live feed. Early Bird Preparation: get notified when AGC is live, go to the All God’s Children Facebook page and tap “Like” and “Follow” and go to AGC’s YouTube channel and tap subscribe.

Participate in the Celebration

Use the chat feature to respond however the Spirit moves you. Interact with what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing. Share your love with the AGC family! Most importantly, have some fun! You know the old saying “Dance like no one is watching?” Now is your chance! Get up, move, celebrate.

Request and Offer Your Prayers

We will be offering Prayers of the People following the sermon. Use the chat to share your prayers and prayer requests during this moment in real time and they will be recognized and honored.

Our Offertory and Tithing

All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church relies solely on the contributions that we give to provide for the work of God in our community. AGCMCC does not receive any outside financial assistance to bring us this ministry. Please, do give generously as we continue to be a Beacon of Hope to all God’s children. Visit: agcmcc.org/donate or try out text to give. Text the amount you’d like to give to: 612-276-5040, register, and give.

Invite Friends and Family

It is now easier than ever to share the message of All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church. Once the service has ended the service will become a video for everyone to watch who wasn’t able to attend live. Share that video with your loved ones. Pass on our incredible gift and use this as an opportunity to help someone who could be struggling.

Remember to Love

Our community is love, hold strong to that which is of God. You are of God, no one can take that from you. Accept God’s love and pass it on.