3100 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407
3100 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Worship Celebration!

All are welcome to join the Sunday Worship Celebration, either in-person or online at 10am Central Time.

At the worship celebration, people from a variety of faith backgrounds and religious traditions, including those who are new to spirituality and church, gather to celebrate being in community with one another. The celebration is full of life, energy, uplifting music, and people caring for one another. You’ll hear great music led by the church Praise Team members. There will be prayer and a message based on God’s transforming love that will hopefully inspire and challenge you. Every Sunday we offer an open Communion where everyone is welcome to participate. This is a great place for LGBTQIA+ people to integrate spirituality and sexuality. The worship celebration lasts about an hour.  

People of all ages, from small children to older adults, shapes and sizes, gender, sexuality and life realities are welcome. The worship celebration affirms that all people are beautiful and holy, and created in the image of a loving God, just the way they are. We are a spiritual community that values being a safe place to explore and discover who God is or isn’t in your life, or a place where people can experience the joys and warmth of an accepting, caring, and loving spiritual community. 

Following the worship celebration, everyone is invited to enjoy a variety of snacks and conversation in Ackerman Hall. Just follow the crowd to find delicious food and drink waiting for you!

Can’t make it in-person? Engage in virtual worship every Sunday, live at 10am or whenever fits your schedule with our full library of past video services.

Log in to the livestream of the Worship Celebration on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday at 10am central!

How to prepare for the Online livestream Worship Celebration

Bring a snack, something to drink and a candle if you can.

If you can, as you prepare for worship light a candle to remind yourself of the Divine’s presence as you worship. Have a lite snack and something to drink so you can participate fully during the Holy Meal portion of the worship celebration.

Navigate to Facebook or YouTube

Find the All God’s Children Facebook or YouTube page and tune into the live feed. Early Bird Preparation: get notified when AGCMCC is live, go to the All God’s Children MCC Facebook page and tap “Like” and “Follow” and go to AGCMCC’s YouTube channel and tap subscribe.

Participate in the Celebration

Use the chat feature to respond however the Spirit moves you. Interact with what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing. Most importantly, have some fun! You know the old saying “Dance like no one is watching?” Now is your chance! Get up, move, celebrate.

Request and Offer Your Prayers

Use the chat to share your prayers and prayer requests. Pastor Kenny and the Prayer Team consider it an honor to pray for you during the week.  

Invite Friends and Family

It is now easier than ever to share the message of AGCMCC. Once the worship celebration has ended the service will become a video for everyone to watch who wasn’t able to attend live. Share that video with your friends, family and loved ones. Pass on this incredible gift and use this as an opportunity to help someone who could be struggling.