Board of Directors

Written by admin on Jul 21, 2014

Board of Directors

All God’s Children is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The Board is the administrative body responsible for the financial well-being and governance of the church. The highest duty of the Board is to create the conditions within which the church can offer high-value ministry.

Duties of the Board

  • Financial management and development of resources for ministry and operations
  • Calling and management of Congregational Meetings
  • Creation and updating of church-wide policy (the Pastor, as the Head of Staff is in charge of the operations and ministry).
  • Ensures there is a full and fair process for all elected positions within the congregation
  • Oversees the process by which the by-laws are modified.


The Board has four officers who are selected from among its members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Senior Pastor serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. The 2022 Board includes (in alphabetical order and pictured below from right to left): Darren Beecher, Michael Bro, Donald Cannon, Nicky Giancola, Paul Herzberg, and Steven Severson.

Contact the board

Would you like to send the Board an email?  Write them at [email protected].

Church bylaws may be found HERE.