An Invitation to Life – Letting God Provide for You

Jesus’ response to temptation in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11) is a reassuring demonstration of the human capacity to withstand potentially destructive temptations.  Rather than displaying supernatural feats of self-control or appealing to his divine identity and connection, Jesus finds the strength to withstand the pull of temptation through spiritual affirmations found in sacred texts, revealing the possible ways that positive, spiritual wisdom can speak to our deepest needs and counter our capacity for self-delusion and wishful thinking.

How do we respond when we are alone or isolated physically, emotionally, and spiritually?  The stuff, things, and habits we use to relieve our hunger or soothe our anxiety and loneliness are often good and neutral; however, they run the risk of becoming opiates that weigh us down, tempting us to indulge them as a means of escape or to temporarily feel better or to just cope with a depressing reality.  Lent offers us an opportunity to shake off the stuff, things, and habits that have become a little too heavy, too present, too all consuming, and yet, too inadequate to satisfy our deepest longings.  What we discover about ourselves through intentional wilderness wanderings may just give us a glimpse of what may really be worth doing, keeping, and knowing in our effort to live lives of love, peace, health, and wholeness.

During Lent, we will undertake our wilderness wanderings with a focus on accepting Jesus’ invitation to having life and having it more abundantly.  We will accept the challenge of introspection and self-examination during this Lent as an invitation to life as a means to reclaim our identities as loved by and beloved of God.