An Invitation to Life – Letting God Lead You

With all the talk about giving something up for the season of Lent, one may wonder if this time of the church year is all about endings.  Even the serious, intentional moments of reflection, self-examination, and honest self-assessment to which we are invited seem to leave us prepared only for all that we have to shed from our lives rather than preparing us to begin new life.  Perhaps, we haven’t focused enough on how this season can become a time of beginning–of embracing the new and the unknown as a way of claiming the promise of our vocation and mission.

Abram was a man called by God to leave his family and his land, the people and a place of comfort and familiarity, to an unknown land and was promised a blessing beyond his wildest imagination that would be fulfilled long after his life (Genesis 12:1-4a).  It was after Abram responded to this call that his life truly began.  Abram’s experience can be an instructive illustration for how we can approach this season of orienting our lives toward God–letting God call us to unknown people, places, and possibilities with the promise that, through us, God’s blessings will flow.  God’s promises are sure, and yet, we find it hard to envision our lives blessed and abundant if we can’t control or predict how it will all unfold.