The Power of God’s Imagination

The Power of God’s Imagination” by Rev. DeWayne Davis, Sr. Pastor, All God’s Children MCC; Sunday, September 30, 2018
Scripture: Exodus 14:5-7, 10-14, 21-29

We have heard many of the familiar biblical stories of God’s salvation and deliverance of God’s people in the midst of trial. And yet, our current understanding of salvation and deliverance is fairly limited. Too often we speak of deliverance in terms of a personal, individual change of heart rather than God’s movement to change systems and structures that rescues a people. All over the world, communities face war, famine, disease, poverty, and inequality. The earth is under assault from greed and violence of nations and empires. Our hopes for deliverance from bondage, our desire from an exodus from all that oppresses, seem blocked and impossible. But God stands in solidarity with us. In parting the Red Sea, God made a way out of no way for the people of Israel. It was more than they imagined, and it is often more than we will allow ourselves to believe.


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