The Days of the Future Hereafter

“The Days of the Future Hereafter” by Rev. DeWayne Davis, Senior Pastor; Sunday, September 9, 2018
Scripture: Genesis 9:8-17

God knows that chaos and destruction run counter to the purpose of creation. God saw how the flood scattered the beauty and abundance of God’s creation and destroyed the living things that God carefully and lovingly fashioned. In response, God establishes a covenant with humanity and all future generations and with all living creatures, including the animals, promising never to let creation be destroyed and to remember the covenant. It is worth remembering God’s covenant and God’s loyalty to us when natural disasters threaten and bring destruction. Many attribute these occurrences to a vengeful God angry about sin and determined to punish us. We have misread God and doubted God’s promise. The storms may come, but God remembers us.


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