God, Prisons, and the Wrongfully Accused

“God, Prisons, and the Wrongfully Accused” by Rev. DeWayne Davis, Sr. Pastor, All God’s Children MCC; Sunday, September 16, 2018
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9

Joseph’s experience of being wrongfully accused and unjustly prisoned highlights that penal institutions are often sites of injustice and a complete disregard for truth. We are reminded that there may be many prisoners who find themselves incarcerated not because of crimes they actually committed or just punishment for misbehavior but because of the whims and corruption of those with more wealth, more power, and less accountability. We know that God remains faithful and just even when institutions fail us. We know that God is with the prisoner even when the community is not. There is hope in the midst of bondage. We can pursue justice even in the face of unaccountable power.


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