God Gave Me Two Mamas!

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“God Gave Me Two Mamas!” by Rev. Karen Hutt, Special Guest Speaker; Sunday, May 13th, 2018. Mother’s and Women’s Sunday

Exodus 2:1-9

It is a profound expression of faith to accept the gift and assume the responsibility of being a mother. Even if this is not a gift for everyone, those who become mothers carry a profound task and opportunity not often appreciated by men or the society at large. And yet, history is filled with stories of women who go to great lengths to protect their children, making possible their children’s futures and their service to God’s beloved community. Moses’ mother is just such a woman, who bore the risk of making sure that her son would not meet the fate of so many other children who were victims of a genocidal Pharaoh. She becomes an instrument of God’s work in the world, which will lead to the liberation of a nation.


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