Save the South Sanctuary Facade

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Donate to the project by selecting Buy a Brick at:


Saving the South Sanctuary Façade

Water intrusion within the roof and masonry of the church’s south façade has been a highly visible, causing the plaster in the sanctuary to crumble off the walls. Repairs have been delayed due to budget constraints, but cannot be put off any longer. One more freeze-thaw cycle of Minnesota winter will put our building’s structural integrity at risk. We need to conduct repairs now.

Please make a special gift, in addition to your general fund offering, to the south façade repair project. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for this work by October 27, and we can do it together! An anonymous donor has already pledged to match the first $8,000 of congregational giving—give now and your gift will have twice the impact!

Check our progress on the brick thermometer in the narthex. After service, a board member will be in Ackerman hall and in the Narthex to answer questions and accept donations by cash, check, or credit card. Donate $100 or more downstairs to write your name on a brick and personally add it to the thermometer. If you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to write anonymous on your brick.

Thank you for your support of this incredible organization, and for helping us be a beacon of hope in our community and beyond.

Donate to the project by selecting Buy a Brick at: