Pride Parade 2020

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AGC Celebrates Pride 2020!

Twin Cities Pride has announced their plans for a virtual pride in 2020! There will be a virtual parade and virtual booth “hangouts.”

AGC is looking for volunteers that will contribute to our virtual parade video. The video will be scripted and each person will be asked to read a very short statement. We will let you know what to say once we have everyones info. Show off your Pride wardrobe for all to see, we won’t get many chances to participate in activities this year so, sign up at to make your mark.

We want this video to be all inclusive so, please don’t count yourself out. We want you to be a voice for our community! Just think, you could be famous!

Twin Cities Pride is not giving us much time to get this produced so we need all of our volunteers accounted for by Tuesday, May 26. YES, 2 days from today. Please visit the website and register today or watch your email for the link to the registration site.