Preview of Worship on Sunday, April 24

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We All Belong to God

Acts 11: 1-8 

Finding a community of faith can be empowering and transformative, creating a space of love and inclusion for those seeking God and spiritual connection.  One of the hazards of committing to a religious community is coming to believe that our particular expression of faith is the real and correct faith and assuming that the beliefs and expressions of others are bad, wrong, or misguided.  It is this approach that has led so many people of faith to exclude, reject, and persecute others in the name of God.  But we know that God is big enough to hold all of the traditions, expressions, and possible spiritual understandings found within the human family.

The Apostle Peter nearly succumbed to the kind of religious exclusivity that relegated Gentiles to a place outside of God’s love, reach, and blessing, assuming that God could not and would not reveal God’s self to those of a different race, culture, or religion.  However, through a vision, Peter would learn that we all belong to God and that any effort to deny or interfere with God’s prerogatives in the human family would be paramount to hindering God.  Peter learned that God does not make mistakes.

This Sunday, we continue our observance of Easter by realizing that the resurrection of Jesus reveals a God who is willing to show up in a variety of ways, means, and people to reach all God’s children.  Nobody is outside the grace and blessing of God because God did not fail when God created us in the divine image.  We all belong to God.  Join us for uplifting music, dynamic praise, and powerful prayers.  See you on Sunday.

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