Homosexuality & The Bible

Written by Kareem Murphy on Jun 11, 2014 in - No Comments

Join us every Monday in June at 7:00pm for a historical, theological, and sociological investigation of what the Bible really says about homosexuality, exploding the myths and mistakes of biblical literalism and interpretation.

For as long as religious communities have organized and worshiped following the precepts and doctrines of the Hebrew and New Testament scriptures, the Bible has been used to condemn sexual behavior between persons of the same sex as an abomination that is prohibited by God and worthy of death. Using seven so-called clobber passages, churches, denominations, nations, and religious leaders have justified oppression and discrimination against LGBT persons and created a persistent religious bias against the full inclusion and participation of LGBT persons of faith. In the class,The Bible and Homosexuality, we will revisit these passages to reveal their historical and contextual meanings and the current misuse of them to oppress and maintain privilege.

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