Help with the Thanksgiving Thursday’s Table

Written by Kareem Murphy on Nov 04, 2018 in - One Comment
It’s almost time for Thanksgiving again. With your help, we’ll provide a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to our Thursday’s Table guests, and our AGC friends and family. You can help by purchasing a turkey (or two) and roasting it. Take the meat off the bone and package it. Bring it to the AGC kitchen and give to Nona and Della (you can bring the carcass if you like). Let’s make this a fantastic Thanksgiving for Thursday’s Table guests and for AGC friends and family.

One Comment on “Help with the Thanksgiving Thursday’s Table”

  • Ann Boarman November 8, 2018 pm30 12:43 pm . Reply

    Hi Kareem,

    I would be happy to prepare and bring turkey for the Thanksgiving meal. Do you have a need for more turkey? Or, I could make side dishes if that would be more helpful. Please let me know what you are most in need of and who to deliver it to on Thanksgiving.

    Best, Ann Boarman
    [email protected]

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