David Coleman – Guest Preacher October 24, 2021

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David Coleman will be our Guest Preacher on Sunday, October 24, 2021.

David Coleman first attended All God’s Children twenty years ago and joined as a member in 2004. He served as a church staff member for seven years from 2013-2020 and has attended three MCC general conferences. David sings with the AGC music team and has also performed with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus for the past ten years.

David was one of the first ten organizers of the Soulforce Equality Ride (an LGBTQ+ Freedom Ride) in 2006, has participated in numerous forms of activism since, and believes in strategic non-violence as a means of social change. David loves bicycling and fundraised for local HIV/AIDS organizations three times on the Red Ribbon Ride. He has attended both bible college and seminary locally, enjoys making homemade Carolina Reaper salsa, and connects with God through nature– camping, cycling, hiking, and kayaking.

Today, Tomorrow, and Our Future

We are still here. We are still needed. Our work is not done. Our Mission IS Possible.

MCC is in a new phase of its movement, just as the early church found itself in a new phase in the Second Century after waiting a very long time for Jesus’ imminent return and discovering they had to build a new set of objectives. They had to build a church. Just as the early church was a deeply radical, inclusive, and fiery movement in the First Century, MCC also was a deeply radical, fiery, inclusive movement in its beginnings. And, just as the early church found itself assimilating into surrounding cultures, trying to redefine itself in the Second Century under new circumstances, so must MCC redefine itself for a new era.