All Black Votes Matter 2020

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All Black Votes Matter

The PJ Collective Needs Your Help!

The Peace & Justice Collective is looking for volunteers to help pass out flyers and talk to residents in the neighborhood around the church to support the All Black Votes Matter initiative.

The PJCollective can use your voice in two ways: Join us on Sunday, September 20, 2020 after church at 11:30am to hang up and pass out flyers, social distanced and with masks. Also, we need your social media voice! AGC will be publishing out some posts in the next few weeks and we need you to spread the word. Let’s see if AGC can break a record for shares and likes the church has ever gotten! Find AllGodsChildrenMCC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Registration Closed

Questions contact: [email protected]

For more info on All Black Votes Matter visit: