2019 Advent Worship Celebration

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Celebrate Advent with AGC

The season of Advent is the season of the Christian liturgical calendar in which the Church anticipates the arrival of Jesus, the very revelation of God who will usher in the reign of God and make possible God’s reconciliation with all of creation. Advent literally means “coming,” or “arrival,” anticipating the birth of Jesus and the new possibilities that are unfolding in light of this momentous event. It is a season of waiting and celebration, preparing for the newness of God’s breaking into history and expecting God to set the world right. Advent gives us an opportunity to wait expectantly and longingly for the hope, love, joy, and peace that will arrive with God coming into our midst. This is a time of great expectations, seeing within God’s faithfulness to us inspiration to wait expectantly in hope, anticipating the amazing possibilities that await us as we orient our thoughts and vision toward “God’s coming into our midst.”

Sunday, December 1, 2019: Wake Up!
Matthew 24:36-4

Hope. Now is not the time to despair at injustice, oppression, and domination. Now is the time to watch and wait. God is faithful to God’s promise to come and be with us. Our response to the world’s failure should be a watchful vigilance for God to act, living in hope and joyful expectation. We accept the gift of this season by embracing new ways of being and acting that will unfold when we open up to God’s movement in the world. Our expectation that God is coming into our midst is a source of hope for us in a time of chaos and destruction.

Sunday, December 8, 2019: It’s All About Preparation
Matthew 3:1-12

God has promised the creation redemption, salvation, and reconciliation. God’s prophets announce the coming of God’s reign in our midst. Are we prepared? This is a season for preparation—preparing our hearts for God’s redemption, salvation, and reconciliation. Prepare the way for the kin-dom of heaven and the its transforming peace. It’s all about preparation for God’s breaking into our time, and we commit to clearing the way for God’s transforming peace in the midst of a troubled world.

Sunday, December 15, 2019: Go and Tell!
Matthew 11:2-11

As we prepare for the One who is to come, what are we to make of what we have seen, the hope we have, and the good news we have received? During this season, perhaps our time of waiting, watching, and preparing can also be a time of rejoicing in God’s gracious act of extravagant love. Perhaps, it is time for us to bear witness to God’s abounding miracles with songs of joy. We commit to the joyful telling of how God is acting and moving to bring salvation.

Sunday, December 22, 2019: God Is With Us
Matthew 1:18-25

We anticipate and celebrate the love that comes with Emmanuel, God with us. This is a time for celebrating a world in which a child brings light to our darkness and salvation to our lives. we celebrate God’s extravagant love, embracing a divine love made real and active in, with, and among us intentionally and deliberately. We accept the power of love and prepare ourselves for the new, peaceful world that love will unleash.